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That’s Not Feminism!

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Kirrily Robert has found her calling. She has found the place where her need for social togetherness can be found. It’s all about the social bonds, the “opinion” is their commonality, but it is not the real goal of the group. The “opinion” is very important in keeping these individuals together. The more radical you are, the more respect you earn. It’s a typical case.

I’m not trying to attack Kirrily, in fact the theory (one had by Friedrich Nietzsche) suggests she will become an even stronger character in her group, when an outsider opposes her.

That is why Kirrily reads so intense between the lines that her mind has to invent something she could be offended by.

It is not sexism, discrimination or even ignorance when;

  • A man uses the word “guys” to describe a group of mixed sex.
  • A man talks about him having a release. It might be uncomfortable for someone to hear, but that’s what it is. Men do release semen upon orgasm. Women in general have much better (more intense) and more orgasms than men.
  • A man talks on behalf of his gender like fx.; “It is easier to explain your job to your wife if you skip the technical lingo.” Women would substitute the word wife for husband.

It is sexism, discrimination and ignorance to say;

  • I have a hard time seeing you be a part of the guys because you are a woman.
  • It is a woman’s duty to help me get my release.
  • I can’t explain what I do to the stupid cow at home.

You felt offended by those last three sentences? That’s because I was being a real sexist, not one of those fake ones you keep hearing about from Kirrily.

Here is a link to the fake feminist blog (in reality they are female prudes):

I have great respect for feminists, but I honestly hate prudes. This is not personal, this is my objections to what these people are doing. They give feminists and FOSS a bad reputation by throwing mud at innocent people in the FOSS community, just because they are famous and thus creates attention.

It was never really my attention to blog about this topic, but Carla Schroder seems to censor my comments just as the fake geek feminist blog does (they even admit they only allow comments that agree with them). Can they really defend them selves with wanting to create a debate when they censor comments which are not in agreement with their agenda.

This post is mainly directed at their recent attack at Mark Shuttleworth for this speech:


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