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Update Anjuta Auto-Complete

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The tags used by the auto-complete feature (Scintilla only) in Anjuta can be updated by running this script:


The script automatically scans your /usr/include folder. It is also running pkg-config to update dependencies for packages.

Maybe there is a way to do this from within Anjuta, but if if there is, it is so unintuitive that it was more obvious for me to open a terminal and write dpkg -L anjuta-common to locate a script ;)

I’m having some issues with the Devhelp extension for Anjuta on Ubuntu 7.10, I’ll post something if I find some time to debug it. I know it crashes on running gtk_moz_embed_realize, but I don’t know why yet ;)


Written by gaffa

2007-12-29 at 02:18

Man tits women’s tits, what’s the difference?

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Aktion for bare bryster i DGI byen

Demonstration for womens right to bathe topless. DGI Byen.

Demonstrations can be violent or peaceful… or beautiful.

Today a group of women decided to demonstrate for equal rights to bathe topless. They have my sympathy… I just can’t help it girls. It has nothing to do with women’s rights that your breasts turn me on. (So does a naked shoulder! Preferably a woman’s).

Something I am strongly against is action against taking sexual photos of women in a nurses costume. JBS, a boxershorts company, pulled their campaign after heavy pressure from the national nurses association.

Luckily I saved the wallpapers. You can get them here:


Written by gaffa

2007-12-20 at 20:43