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I’m a member of Danish socialist party Enhedslisten.

In a debate recently, it was decided that criminalise buying sex was to be a part of the party’s political programme. I’m strongly against that. I agree that it is horrible when women (and men) are forced into prostitution, but we must remember that some people actually chose to be a prostitute. I’ve talked with a local brothel and they get several calls a day from girls who want to work there. Why should they not have that choice? To work as a prostitute?

The demand for prostitutes is there, and by criminalising buying sex the trend will lead towards a black market run by criminals which in turn will lead to more trafficking and forced prostitution. A great example to what will happen is when alcohol was banned in USA. The demand will not disappear, but instead lead to more crime surrounding that business.

If we were to do something we should demand psychological reports. We have a reasonable welfare check that will allow you to have a great life even if you don’t work. Poverty is not an issue in that debate. The only reasons I see is narcotics (which is only a problem because it is illegal) and mental instability.

I completely disagree with my party in that debate, but luckily for them I wasn’t there.


Written by gaffa

2007-06-03 at 17:00

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  1. Seems like you actually know plenty with
    regards to this particular issue and it all shows as a result
    of this blog post, named “Prostitution | Wrapped in gaffa”.
    Thanks a lot -Clifford


    2013-07-10 at 01:16

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